Emerging Technology & Breakthrough Innovations at YPO Innovation Week

CEO of Prommac, Dany de Barros, & CEO of CG Tech, Jason English, recently attended YPO Innovation Week, a summit dedicated to emerging technologies and breakthrough innovations.
YPO, a premier global leadership organisation, recently held it’s annual Innovation Week in numerous cities around the world. The week provides YPO members with the opportunity to experience emerging technologies and breakthrough innovations not yet available to the public. Dany de Barros (CEO of Prommac) and Jason English (CEO of CG Tech) attended the events in San Francisco and Moscow respectively.
In San Francisco, Dany participated in the Innovation Week Summit, which focussed on the 4th Industrial Revolution. During the conference, Dany attended presentations by a number of leaders in innovation and technology.  Notable presentations, to name but a few, were: Peter Schwartz, Chief Future Officer at Salesforce, presented on the 4th Industrial Revolution; Tim Draper, Founding Partner of VC Draper Associates, on the evolution of startups; Dave Abramson, Vice President of Upwork, on the decentralization of the workforce; Dr Daniel Kraft, Chair of Medicine at Singularity University, on the Longevity of Life.
In addition to the insightful presentations by industry leaders, Dany also attended a function at the top of the new Salesforce head office overlooking San Francisco. Former White House Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus spoke at the event, giving attendees insight into his role in public service.
“The world is innovating at a rapid pace and if we as a business do not look to innovate, not only from a technology perspective but from a process perspective too, we will not exist in the future. Prommac will continue to innovate and drive digitisation in every aspect of our business.” Dany de Barros, Prommac CEO.”
In Moscow, Jason visited the new Skolovo Innovation Centre, an incubator for technology. From manned drone aircraft to agri robots, robotic coffee shops and autonomous vehicles, it was clear that Moscow is positioning itself as an innovative technology hub for the rest of the world. Discussions were held on the evolution of the e-sports and e-gaming world as well as blockchain, crypto-currencies and the whole world of mixed reality.
As part of the Moscow event, Jason had the privilege of flying the L39 Albatros fighter jet under the guidance of the Russian Air Force.
“No words can describe the sensation of flying in a fighter jet. This was a bucket list item which many people helped put together and I am forever grateful to everybody who pulled it off. As we pulled out of loops and rolls, the blood draining from my head was as real as it gets and flying in fighter formation alongside another airforce plane was an experience of a lifetime.”


What our partners say about CG Tech

The collection of business within the CG Tech group allows us to share learnings and ideas with each other, sparking collective investments into research and development of new products and services which would not normally have been created.

Jason English | CEO at Al Laith

The technology arm of the CG Tech group, The Virtulab, has allowed me to grow the reputation of Prommac as a digital business in a traditional industry, and we have been able to transform at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing these services.

Dany De Barros | CEO at Prommac

As the youngest leader in the group, the collective knowledge of leadership has helped me grow personally by engaging with great business leaders who have been there, done that and have shared their experiences with me.

David Cummins | CEO at The Virtulab

The CG Tech team has helped us raise capital and fund growth using the know how and experience of the collective group. The spread of skill sets between Accountants, M&A Experts, Operational Specialists, Metallurgy Specialists has helped me shape my business for the future.

Max Corfield | CEO of Serious International